How to make pancakes: perfect article for you

In addition, in this renewed version we add an additional step, we will show you how to make a different fold to the  classic curl of the pancakes, so that they can make a finer presentation and surprise everyone??

The detail, as always, after the jump.


  1. 2 Cups of flour without baking powder.
  2. 2 cups of milk (at room temperature).
  3. 4 Eggs
  4. A pinch of salt.
  5. A few drops of oil.
  6. A couple of drops of vanilla extract.
  7. Sugar Flower (Optional)
  8. For the filling, we can use manjar (dulce de leche) , jam, Maple Syrup, honey, etc.

* This amount of ingredients reaches approximately 15 pancakes. *


  • Low frying pan
  • Mixer.
  • Bowl.
  • Spatula.
  • Ladle.
  • Teaspoon.
  • Knife.

How do I do it?
1.- Put the eggs in the bowl and beat until they are completely dissolved. We must take care that the shake is for a short time so that they do not wait.
2.- Add the milk, flour and salt to the eggs and beat everything together to form a homogeneous mixture.
3.- Once the mixture is ready, add the essence of vanilla and a few drops of oil. Then we beat again to incorporate everything.

* The oil is to prevent the pancakes from sticking to the pan at the time of cooking *
4.- Next we put our pan to preheat over medium heat. Once it is hot, pour the mixture into the pan (with the help of the ladle) so that it is distributed evenly over the entire surface, until it forms a circle.

We let cook our pancake for a few moments and when the edges turn brown we must start to take off the dough with the spatula to turn it over.

For this part you should know that there are three ways to turn the pancake:

The professional, turning the dough using the same pan.
The semi-professional, turning the dough with the help of a spatula. (The one we will use in this tutorial)
The normal, making use of a plate, which we put on the pan, then turn the pan with the plate held so that the pancake is on the plate and then slide it back into the pan.
Once the pancake is turned over, let it cook a few more minutes and remove it from the heat once it turns brown.

* One side of the pancake will be completely brown and the other side will be light yellow with small brown areas. *
5.- Now we just have to add the stuffing to our pancake and roll it up or fold it, according to our preference.

To roll it up (tube shape) :
To fold it (“handkerchief” shape) :
Now our pancakes are ready! We only have to eat … and for this we can accompany our pancakes with fruit, ice cream, jam, cream, etc. The combinations are endless, they only depend on your tastes and culinary imagination.

* We choose to accompany our pancakes with a little cream, strawberries and sugar flower. *


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