5 Recipes and How to Make Simple and Delicious Pancakes

   Pancake dish is a cake dish which was originally a dish that is often eaten by Western society. But now, the Indonesian people are already getting familiar with this one dish. Or maybe most of them make this dish as their favorite food. Well, this time you will also be able to make pancakes at home easily and simply. Want to know what the recipe for making pancakes is delicious and simple? No need to worry, we will present the recipe to you below.

Recipes and How to Make Delicious, Simple, Practical and Easy Pancakes

  1.  Dessert dish 
  2. American cuisine 
  3. Preparation Time 35 minutes Cooking time 5 minutes 
  4. Total time is 40 minutes 
  5. Portion of 2 Portions 
  6. Calories 227 kcal


  • Materials Needed to Make Delicious, Simple, Practical and Easy Pancakes
  •  Ingredients for Pancakes: 
  • 100 grams of flour
  •  250 ml of liquid milk
  •  Little salt
  •  1 grain eggs 
  • Margarine for spread

 Ingredients for Pancake Topping: Melted chocolate

  •  Ice cream 
  • Mapple syrup

How to make delicious, simple, practical and easy pancakes
How to prepare materials and equipment:

 For the first, you can do this by first preparing some equipment that will be used to make pancakes. This is an important step, considering that by not preparing equipment, you may find it difficult to make pancake dough more easily and comfortably. As for some of these equipment, they are teflon or nonstick pan, basin / container, measuring cup and cup or spoon to spread margarine into a pan to make pancakes later. Well, by preparing some of the tools above, then later you will not be made trouble with turning back to the kitchen to prepare some of the equipment you miss.
 After that, we will prepare the ingredients. For liquid milk ingredients. Please enter or separate this material in a container and set it aside.
 As for flour, sift this one and put it in a container to set it aside again.
 Well, for the egg to break the egg and separate the yellow and white. Put in two different containers, then with the other ingredients, set aside temporarily.
 Meanwhile, for other ingredients. Please set aside other ingredients, because these ingredients will be mixed directly with other ingredients.

 How to Make Simple Pancakes:

  •  To make pancake dough, what you can do is to prepare a basin near your reach.
  •  After that, add ingredients such as flour, egg yolks and salt. Stir thoroughly using a whisk spatula or wire until the ingredients are mixed and no lumps or bubbles are still visible on the mixture.
  •  Then, beat the egg whites using a mixer in a different container. Stir until stiff and use high speed on the mixer.
  •  After that, just pour the mixture into the flour mixture and stir it using the spatula evenly.
  •  Heat the Teflon or nonstick pan and use a little margarine. Use a small flame and wait until the pan gets hotter.
  •  cash around 2.5 spoonfuls of batter and cover using a pan lid. Wait a minute and turn the mixture over. Cook until cooked and brown.
  •  After that, lift and serve on a plate. Then give 2 scoop of ice cream, steal with a little maple syrup and also melt chocolate. Now the pancake dish will be ready to be enjoyed and served. 


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