How do I make pancakes? Sounds simple and if you know how to do it, it really is not difficult to bake perfect pancakes (or whatever they are called: pancakes ). You just have to know what matters! First, good pancakes must be baked golden brown , secondly , they should not be too thin and third, nice crunchy on the outside . It is also important that your pancakes are so stable that they do not disintegrate when filling or rolling. The basic ingredients that you need are manageable. You only need a few eggs, flour, milk and salt or sugar to make perfect pancakes. A few solid basics will help you make perfect pancakes. We show you in oursStep by step instructions how to do it. Let’s go!


  1. Mix 150 g of flour and 250 g of milk with a pinch of salt .
  2. Add 2 eggs and whisk well.
  3. Melt grease (butter or clarified butter) in a non-stick pan. The pan has to be nice and hot – so it’s best to put it on the highest level.
  4. A pass Ladle batter into the hot, nonstick skillet.
  5. Reduce the heat so that the pancake does not burn but can falter and become golden.
  6. Swirl the liquid pancake dough so that the dough spreads evenly on the bottom of the pan .
  7. After about a minute, shake the pan to see if the pancake comes off the bottom of the pan. 
  8. Then turn the pancake with a spatula and bake on the other side until golden brown.

Expert tips for perfect pancakes

How important is the order of the ingredients? Do not put all the ingredients together in the bowl and stir, otherwise the pancake batter will become lumpy. The trick is to first stir the flour and milk and only then add the eggs to get a homogeneous pancake batter .
Which secret ingredient is there? Add a dash of mineral water when mixing the pancake batter . The carbonic acid brings small bubbles into the mass, which give a pleasantly frothy, fluffy pancake as soon as you bake it.
Which spices are right for the pancake? Most eat pancakes only sweet or salty. But the rather high-fat yolk is also an excellent flavor carrier for many more spices and preparation variants. You may also like to add cumin, dried or fresh chili peppers, coriander, curry spices, fennel seeds, tomato paste, marjoram or basil.

Why should the pancake dough rest? Let the pancake batter rest for a while before you bake it. Flour, eggs and water are components that do not immediately combine homogeneously. The gluten net of the flour takes a little time to develop and give the dough stability.
The recommendation is to rest the dough for half an hour, preferably in the fridge . Exception: if you give baking powder into the dough, you have to process it immediately – without rest. Since mineral water achieves a similar effect as baking powder, you should best do without further raising agents.
Which pan is best? A perfect pancake does not need extreme heat. If the pan is too hot, your pancake will be crispy on the outside, but still remains raw inside. It is best to use a pan with an anti-stick coating. It prevents the pancake batter from sticking to the bottom of the pan. And is perfect for loosely turning the pancake. You can bake the pancake in good, coated pans even without fat – but there are deductions in the aroma, because fat is a terrific spectacle wearer.
Which fat is best? Oil is not ideal for baking a perfect pancake. It is best to use buttered lard or butter . A plus for butter: It browns to nut butter and it creates caramel-like roasted aromas.
What is the perfect baking time for a pancake? A pancake must be completely but not dry. He should have nice toasted flavors. This works best in strong initial heat. The first pancakes are often not perfect, because the stove has not yet reached the heat. When the heat is perfect, a pancake takes about a minute per side to be perfectly cooked.


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