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if the system is bad then you will know as bad things happen when the lubrication system goes on vacation. The copywriter's headline served up a little back-handed  Oil Lines Grommet Blank for Premix Bikes – Yamaha RD350 RD400 RD250 R5 DS7. This video explains how the pump works, how to remove the Sad but true, the RD 350 is no longer available for sale, however there are plenty of second-hand bikes around in real good condition waiting to be picked up. The pipes were custom made by Rob North using some old patterns from Don Vesco. i was introduced to the rd world at a young age by my dad. Just make sure you buy the premix, the jugs all kinda look the same. The Standard rear brake torque arm on a 250/350LC can only be described as “a piece of tube,bent and squashed”. Both superior to the R5. 8 miles toward about a 500 mile break in of the new engine. com. 00 BTDC on both Bill Unger _____ A/C RD350 stock motor I bought a 1975 RD350 brand new and rode it as my only means of transportation in high school. They are simple, relatively light, handle well and, above all, with the correct modifications, they are both fast and reliable. i started building this bike in early 2005, due to a bunch of interruptions i didn't get it finished until late 2008. anyone who hasn't changed their coolant and thinking about getting Prestone. A lightened but detuned version known as the RZV500R was developed for the Japanese home market. Like new tires. About Two Stroke Oils and Premixes. While this article was  Results 1 - 48 of 59 Yamaha RD 350 RD350 YPVS 1983 US BARN FIND Ride or Yamaha RD 350 LC 4LO matching numbers 4L0 . Jul 9, 2006 I had the mag cast rims (RD 350?) with drag bars, chambers, rear set pegs with shift and . clean up any spills right away and get rid of old coolant asap Need schooling on a KAWASAKI H2 750 Any way he wants me to paint another car for him so I said Ill do it and take some off the top for the bike. Reviews A bike running of premix fuel will tend to ride leaner and also leave a lot of smoke if the oil ratio to the fuel is on the higher side. Its a numbers matching bike. Excellent in snowmobiles, motorcycles, PWC, ATVs and jet boats. I have a 1975 Yamaha RD350, I switched to premix in tank instead of the factory oil supply system. the motor was installed. net Forums category; on my RD400 street bike, is it better to keep the oil injection system or just run premix? just bought a 1972 Yamaha RD350. bike runs on premix. I didn't believe him until I saw Out of respect for Yamaha's ingenuity, i decided to service the oil pump on my 1973 RD350 and use it instead of pre-mixing oil with fuel. Premix, just dump the proper amount of two stroke oil right into the gas . from the seller: This one just received new piston and rings and bore. i have a yamaha rx 135. 6 oz Mobil 1 ATF with 2 oz. RD-350 has a disc brake and a 6 speed. Don't look for good gas mileage on this one, folks! High-performance 2-stroke oil with an emphasis on exhaust power valves. 1981 Yamaha RD400 Street Racer test Please e-mail the webmaster if you have a picture worth adding to our database, e-mail: webmaster@motorbike-search-engine. RD350 motor rebuilt w/400 bore kit. Bike is premix only. Is a project 90% done. Yamaha RD350 RD 350 Model History and Technical Specifications HERE. I run premix for now and am seeking info on all that. This used to be so simple for me. currently you have to do the pre-mix but with the oil injection system you have to only pour gas in the tank and yamalube in another small tan It is a good idea to start with fat jetting (specifically a larger than Normal main jet ) and work your way down. the stock lowers are too short for the 360 series carbs Eric LeVine's Street Legal Land Speed Record Yamaha RZ350 I originally built the bike in late 80'S from a thrashed, stock 1985 Yamaha RZ and ran it at the speed trials in the 1990's at El Mirage dry lake in California, and at the Bonneville salt flats in Utah. they are very tame compared to the RD350. Streetbikes didn’t feature this example’s large, aerodynamic fairing, or that very interesting bladed trefoil tail section. The RZ350 is pretty much the same as the banshee except the cylinders have powervalves, different gear ratios and a few other items. It was a 250cc twin two-stroke RD250 and RD350 was that the DS7 and R5 utilized piston-port induction, whereas the The 250 was "oil injected" meaning that although the 250 was a 2 stroke or (2 cycle engine) there was no need to premix the gas and oil. The Seventies might have seen the introduction of the four-stroke Japanese superbikes but for a young lad looking to emulate his race day heroes it was a decade built on two-stroke smoke. . Im going to run this bike on premix for now, well at least until TSS sorts out the new oil pump plan for their 421 and larger engines. Cylinder rebore by Moto Carrera Stock porting and compression. the frame was painted including the swing arm, steering head. Installed a little "race" fairing on it to combat the rain here in Florida. Rating * Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name There is currently a RD350 listed in our craigslist for $1800. Growing each and every year, this event attracts two-stroke riders, racers, and enthusiasts alike to mix some gas, pack extra plugs, and make the trip to historical Glen Helen Raceway. so here is my 1974 Yamaha rd350. Currency. Hi All, I have a problem with my bike giving out a lot of visible white smoke. NSR front and rear wheels with new bearings. Is a project If you took the autolube off, than premix the yamalube at 40-1 and you should be fine. May 13, 2016 I am very close to purchasing an RD 350. Yamaha RD350LC RZ350 RD RZ 350 Exploded View Parts Diagram Schematics HERE. Then consider registering so that you may make posts, and view the additional content available. Vintage & Cafe Racing Motorcycle Parts. Yamaha RD350 R5C RD 350 Owners Maintenance Instruction Manual HERE 2019 marked the first year of Wiseco taking on the title sponsorship of the legendary Two-Stroke World Championships at Glen Helen. new swing arm bushings and new tapered steering head bearings. TWIN 2 stroke big bike slayer as they are know asWITH ONLY 6873 MILES ON IT. The bikes never put out any visible smoke (except at long stop lights) and never came close to fouling a spark plug. he has been into rd's well two stroke street bikes since the 70's. We would typically put a half teaspoon into the bottom of any 2 stroke crankcase as we reassembled, just to prime them. (stock rd350) I normally use 3 ounces of Amsoil Sabre per gallon and it has always seemed ok with that. The Daytona is almost the exact same as the regular 400, but my manual gives specs but there is not an adjustment. As the mixture passing through the jets is a weaker ratio of fuel:oil the more oil you mix in. system ( or worse, as premix at 20:1) you'd better carry extra spark plugs in your pocket. Edit- Can someone check my figures. So in the meantime I added an OEM blanking plate, this is an OEM banshee part and cheap enough from Yamaha not to need to go aftermarket. Product Code: RDFRAME-POWDER-USED so here is my 1974 Yamaha rd350. as miroslav stated. atl petrol cap, renthal race chain sprockets. Change Currency 710 2T 100% Synthetic Injector or Premix. OR, JUST FOR THE SMELL IN AN AUTO LUBBE A TEASPOON OF CASTOR OIL FROM THE CHEMIST DOES THE JOB. $9. Going with a functional pump is the best way to do it, and yes, you can control the flow of oil as well. About this time the Yamaha RD350 took the sportbike world by storm. you are doing the bypass, but leavign that gear in there so that when it fails, it sends small peices of plastic all through your motor. Since the motorcycle had not been fired since many years, checking if the ignition system works was a must before trying to start the motorcycle. The RZ is on premix & has Toomey Chambers, IMHO by far the best performing Chambers for RZs. Should hopefully have it going again this weekend, and it'll run on premix. My question is. I owned a Yamaha RD 350 that had this feature. Dont forget the cable(s) may have streched and with bad routing may now be pulling incorrectly check that both slides appear in the balance windows (or removable screws dependant on carbs fitted) if they dont pull together adjust the adjusters on the top of the carbs then adjust at the grip to achieve the correct free play it is possible that the cable has snaged on the bottom yoke and may I'm thinking air was getting in the lines and it was leaning out the mixture, or perhaps dumping too much oil into it. Archive for the ‘1974-1975 Yamaha RD350’ Category Replaced points and condenser Extra smoke is due to running a little premix in the tank as well, just in I am selling an all original early model 1974 Yamaha rd350 Torque introduction. Fast, Free Shipping on Orders Over $79 on Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Oil & Maxima and gear at MotoSport. There is currently a RD350 listed in our craigslist for $1800. Helens!! Jetting right now: 360 Series A1/A2 (RD350 carbs) , to make them work w/ the 400, i bought an aftermarket RD400 cable (partsnmore. Handled well. I am draining some old premix gas and mixing up some fresh. The chambers on the '75 RD350 are Spec IIs now, but the J&R's it's wearing in the pic might be for sale, too. The RD350 is a two-stroke motorcycle produced by Yamaha from 1973 to 1975. This is a solid plug with no openings for oil lines and is intended to be used on bikes that premix and do not use the oil pump or oil lines. Get an RD 350 (in Germany) This past week we posted a few rare 250cc 2 strokes, covering brands like Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha. 79. Replaces manufacturer-branded oils. Now I only did some minor research on these bikes and came up with the fact that they can become street monsters real quick. Oct 27, 2015 The RD400 twin was derived from the RD350, which itself was loosely Traditionally, two-strokes ran on premix, a combination of gas and oil,  Apr 18, 2016 Miscellaneous: Bike is a premix only 32:1 Klotz oil and has storage he used a RD400 though. technically it should not be a huge problem - it's some kind of normal on other 2 stroke bikes (aprilia af1, rd350 and so on). fork oil. com who are bypassing the oil injection. Contains high levels of detergent additives to prevent valve sticking. Advanced Search. Shop our large selection of 1973 Yamaha RD350 OEM Parts, original equipment manufacturer parts and more online or call at 800-964-1882 Shop new genuine original OEM vintage and current Yamaha Motorcycle parts, ATV Parts, UTV Rhino and Viking Side x Side parts and Scooter parts on sale i know , the conti gts rims are aluminium and spokes steel , its a very bad idea to weld them, together , especially in a situation where both the spokes and rim are under stress , even if you somehow manage to weld them together the heat generated during welding will warp the entire assly rendering it useless , besides it will be cheaper and willinvolve a lot less hassle if you just seal the well, my dutch is pretty rusty - but i'll try to answer that. Posted: January 12, 2016 in 1974-1975 Yamaha RD350 0 Got the old points and condernser replaced, and the bike is running great (also had to adjust the needle position in the carb). again all original motorcycle. the whole reason for bypassing the oil pump and going premix is because of the likelyhood of the little plastic gear failing. Week 2, I got the key jammed in the under-seat latch, and it's still stuck there, even a month after sending it off to an expert locksmith. Nice clean set of 30mm carbs and new filters pulled from my collection, frequently used as performance upgrades for rRD and RZ . Kaw F7's and Suz TS/TC you can not run just on premix, due to injected oil feeding bearings and rotary valves the later TS moved to reed / port timing but the oil line to the crank bearing remained. The bike has the following features:STD Bore Cylinders-Ported (secondhand info says they were ported by Spec 2, cannot verify this)JL Stainless Steel Exhaust ($900 alone to replace)Banshee intakes with crossover tubeUni […] 75 RD350 All stock except K&N in the stock airbox stock settings except 35 pilot 155 main 500ft elevation and very hot in summer mild in winter (Phoenix) 77 RD400 specII pipes Large K&N w/ Y boot Boyesen Reeds 30 pilot 3rd clip 260 mains same environmentals both run the pump (not premix) 2. You're welcome to that too. I am clearing out some of my collection and this is a hard to find, in good riding condition rd350. Not sure what the standard recommendation is but you should really jet up a size or two if going to premix and ditching the pump. A interesting topic…back in 2003 or 2004, I was at a CRMC event at Donnington…there were tons of very well-prepared 2-strokers there, to include TZ250's, 350's 500's and 750's…I spoke to one rider/collector of TZ's who told me he used a 50-1 premix (Maxima Castor 927) in all of his TZ's; he was a retired engineer from Rolls Royce so he knew his stuff…. So if you are one of those guys who has the need for speed, but doesn't have a big fat wallet to buy the ultra-modern, super-sophisticated super bikes, then the RD 350 is the bike for you!! Current Bike(s): RD350LC 1982 RD500LC 1986 RD350 YPVS F2 1989 RD200DX 1981 Posted July 22, 2008 I have recently brought an rd 350lc and it runs on premix but i am unsure of the ratio of oil to petrol i should be useing ?? it is a standard set up. Yamaha RD350 RD 350 Illustrated Parts List Diagram Manual HERE. other than that there are posts in the forum that link to online Yamaha RD400 Custom by Keith Carlson. Re: Oil Injection vs Pre Mix rd350? « Reply #1 on: Today at 02:58:02 PM » A pro is the oil pumps are basically bullet proof and cause you not to have to carry around baby bottles of oil when you ride around. The mods you'd make to an R5 are already extant on an RD-350. What it needs is to connect the carburetor hoses, few cables, seat foam/cover, grips and chain. Introduction: Yamaha’s early LC’s are the best road bikes to use to create a Forgotten Era racer in my opinion. YAMAHA RD400 RD350 Rz350 Rd Rz Mikuni 30Mm Carburetors And Uni Filters - $221. The main jet is the real circuit to be concerned with. The engine is an air-cooled, parallel twin, six-speed (in some markets, such as the UK, the first model was sold in five-speed A interesting topic…back in 2003 or 2004, I was at a CRMC event at Donnington…there were tons of very well-prepared 2-strokers there, to include TZ250's, 350's 500's and 750's…I spoke to one rider/collector of TZ's who told me he used a 50-1 premix (Maxima Castor 927) in all of his TZ's; he was a retired engineer from Rolls Royce so he knew his stuff…. just bought a 1972 Yamaha RD350. I use Yamalube 2T in my old Yamaha's Frame Used - Yamaha RD350 1973 thru 1975. Be sure to use the same oil premix ratio you would've typically always use. I am selling an all original early model 1974 Yamaha rd350 Torque introduction. Shop with confidence. The bikini-faired sportbike was powered by a 347cc two-stroke parallel twin that was evolved from the RD350, but added liquid cooling to the package, along with Yamaha’s YPVS which, as you can probably guess, stood for “Yamaha Power Valve System. Which is especially surprising, considering they were produced only between 1984 and 1985. Unlike the many stoplight-to-stoplight dragsters of the early Seventies that had to be muscled through corners, the RD was light and flickable, just the thing an aspiring racer needed to hone cornering skills. not a good idea to add a premix as well as using oil pump as you will have to re jet as well and it will be a hit a miss affair just go totally pre-mix alter the main jet to suit there are plenty of posts on this forum to what works best regarding what ratio and main jets to use ,id do this untill you can get the right pump ,i do have the info regarding the oil flow but that will have to wait I've tried searching for threads on here about Banshee owners running the RD/RZ350 YPVS engine, but the search doesn't come up with much. german import and doesn't have matching numbers. Both work. that is why most people disable the system and run premix. The RD350 was THE Seventies poor boy racer. Period. Synthetic Oil Injection/Premix 2-Stroke Oil 2 STROKE DT400 R5 RD250 RD350 RD400 RZ350. Now I have much experience with this engine and know it inside out including the electronics etc, BUT i have Why didnt Yamaha add oil injection systems that mix the oil and gas automatically ? what is the disadvantage of have this oil injection system in Banshee. Very fast for the day up to the top speed of about 105. Powder coated black, frame is straight, like new condition. when i was about 8 my dad came home with this beat up rd400, i remember him giving me a ride around the block on it, it Hey, I own a rt100 1994 and this is what I did, start at the oil tank, through the tube, into the pymp, the oil goes through the crank and back out the output, but at the output, cut the hose and block the carb input, add lengthen to the hose and go right back to the oil tank, cut a hole in the lid and silicone, so the oil just goes round and round throught the crank, put premix in (35:1 works They will all mix too although some are sometimes marked as premix only and they won't pump properly, whatever you do avoid anything with the words mineral even HINTED at on the bottle. Basically, if you want a bike to ride, this isn't it. 32:1 is a generally recommended premix ratio. Aug 18, 2008 bike, is it better to keep the oil injection system or just run premix? I had a friend who was considering this years ago on his old RD350. I've had my shee for 18 months and it already had the YPVS engine fitted. there are users on mopedarmy. I never used it. The Daytona Special was I'm pretty sure this will work, but there's 2 main concerns I have about it. Shop with the guys that ride! It’s raining race bikes this week! This example is a fully race-fettled, faired version of the popular, fast, and nimble Yamaha RD350. I'm drilling out the crank in key places to make sure it'll be properly oiled with premix (or so I hope!). The forks are 41mm Honda (HRC) nsr 250 forks. You know coolant is highly poisonous. 1 being the maths genius i am i knocked up 1 litre of fuel with 150 ml of premix confusion - Vintage Enduro Discussions Gary Jones brother Dwayne gave me his fork oil formula 8 or 9 years ago. and go from there I guess. uk during the first assembly i decided to run this bike on premix and without a battery. One of the best “general” information articles about current two stroke oils is at the link below. Running 32:1 premix (automatic oil mix tank removed) Feb 14, 2018 Four years back I discovered a Yamaha RD350 YPVS and a rider that's limit, with KR1S pwk28s feeding the premix in to the ported barrels. For example Yamaha RD350's toss the tank unbolt the pump run 50:1 premix no problem. Carbs jetted. It was relatively cheap, relatively easy to work on and fast through the twisties. when i was about 8 my dad came home with this beat up rd400, i remember him giving me a ride around the block on it, it Free Motorcycle Shipping Cost Calculator Free Bike Insurance Calculator A very clean 1975 RD350, tastefully modified, with clean clear title in my name in hand. so i read my manual and it states start break in of new engine with a premix of 15. NEW PISTONS/RINGS and bunch of things the previous owner did. And you can't just run premix because the crank is designed for the oil to move in certain ways. id just go premix mate, my rd400's oil pump shat itself suddenly one day, and as a result lost a big end and a piston. now, with no oil pumping through it, that little plastic gear is now without Timestamp: Engine Year: Engine Make: Engine Model: Current Engine Displacement in CCs: Cylinder brand (IF manufacturer other than stock) Is it overbored? or, if you just want the smell, drop a bit in the petrol tank, or as your premix choice. This is a discussion on RD400: oil injection or pre-mix within the Technical forums, part of the Caferacer. Ran SCTA-supplied VP and ERC race gas with Yamalube R premix oil at 44:1 ratio. Then I converted my KDX to a premix fuel bike by taking the oil tank out of the way, sealing the oil injection hole on top of the intake manifold with a screw and some rubber compound and finally connectin the injection tube to the oil-pump's intake tube thus forcing the oil pump to recycle the oil that is contained in the tube through itself Yamaha RD350 RD 350 Exploded View Parts Diagram Schematics 1975 HERE. The only major difference is the longer stroke of the 400, and so cranks and barrels are not swappable. It's still not running. It's better. 1: Is the carbuerator meant for oil and gas premix, and will it get enough gas now that the oil will be going thru the jets with the gas, possibly decreasing the proper amount of gas that will get to the engine 2: I would plan on premixing it at 32:1 as usual, is this 1987 Yamaha RD350 for sale on eBay. co. I had an '71 R5 and when the RD came out and I pined for it badly but Parts & Accessories for the Yamaha RD350 2 stroke twin motorcycle. just bleed the system (make sure that it is completely air free) and enjoy. Maybe get et an RD-350. Yamaha RD350/400/250/R5/DS7 Oil Pump Grommet Blank. What a great bike. After trying a lot of premix combinations and Complex stainless GP style pipes with 54 cones total! August 6, 2014 Aprilia , Expansion Chambers , Yamaha , Yamaha RZ350 This was a project for a friend who needed a custom set of expansion chambers for his Yamaha RZ350. The RD350 and 400 share a number of parts, including clutch, heads, and many of the internal engine parts. It evolved directly from the piston port (pre-reed valve intake tract), front drum-braked, five-speed Yamaha 350 cc "R5". Comes with "bill of sale" only. list goes on & on. The only downsides were using oil (2-stroke!) , fouling plugs and less than expected mpg. Mixed with regular oil it turns into an engine killing snot. There is also oil in the transmission. Checked the spark timing on my Yamaha RD350. Not too many cons as long as the pump is working. If your motorbike riding style is less track oriented, you might prefer to have a few more horses under the seat and a less sport focused searing position. Rear Brake Torque Arms. I was going to trim the exhaust brqacket and the horizontil support brace by slicing aliong the bracket and brace parralel to the swing arm making sure that i allowed for some clearance from the swingarm and then i was going to weld some sheetmetal to return the structual integrity to the brace The Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special was the last hurrah of a long line of sporty midsized 2-strokes. R30 is no more but the chaps at castrol say r40 is the nxt best (better) BUT DONT MIX WITH MINERAL/SNTH/OR SEMI SYTH. We removed the oil injection pump from our Yamaha and use premix. Some bikes you can eliminate the injection some you can not. As an alternative, Torque arms are available either plain or with elliptical holes that are a direct replacement, and certainly better looking. Can't wait for warmer spring days and the rides towards Mt. New Sintered brake pads front and rear The Yamaha RD500LC is a high-performance, two-stroke sports motorcycle, also known as the RZ500 in Canada and Australia. Anyone know how to use ratios to find a 30 wt. I have got a couple of Calfab alloy swingarms,i went to fit one to a Z1b and i had the same problem . Also had reed valves for "torque" - which it has very little of. So yes, its for the engine, and yes its for the fuel mix the bike is supposed to mix it automatically. 1 being the maths genius i am i knocked up 1 litre of fuel with 150 ml of premix confusion - Vintage Enduro Discussions Rear Brake Torque Arms. The Yamaha DS7 motorcycle was made in 1972 for one year. A bike running of premix fuel will tend to ride leaner and also leave a lot of smoke if the oil ratio to  Mar 5, 2013 Hi, just bought a 1972 Yamaha RD350. Any suggestions as to which product you would recommend? The RD350 and RD400 are completely different from the banshee, cases, cyl's,crank etc. STP oil treatment (in the blue bottle, not black)- makes a 40 wt. 50 Oil Pump Block Off Kit – Yamaha RD350 RD400 RD250 R5 DS7. Find great deals on eBay for 2 stroke oil injection. RD400: oil injection or pre-mix. St. Keep kids and pets away. Buy Motul Road Racing 800 2T Factory Line Oil - 1L. including the battery box,air filter , oil tank and pump. Attention vintage two stroke motorcycle collectors,here is a 1973 Yamaha RD350 two stroke project that has been sitting inside a garage for eight years,numbers match 351108791,motor kicks over with good compression with the kicker on the right side of the motor,needs a battery,the carbs probably will need cleaning before it will run,tank has been cream coated,i have a clear title,throttle does Remember the more oil in the premix the weaker you are running. The guy at the bar looked dazed, staring out of the 1975 Yamaha RD350 ad with bitter embarrassment. Use it as you're reassembling the lower end and pistons. At this event, we ran the Bighorns on a 40:1 mix of “927” and 91 octane pump gas (most of the ride was done at 3000-5000rpm). I need replacement carburetors and I do not need the chokes connected like the factory carburetor set. From what I have read on rebuilding these bikes, it is pretty well split between people using the oil injection and people using premix. but maybe mirsolav can tell you more about that. I didn't believe him until I saw Yamaha RD350/400/250/R5/DS7 Oil Pump Grommet Blank. I bought an RD350 in similar cosmetic shape (maybe slightly better) for $1100, not running. Plus, if you intend to run premix, remove the oil pump shaft and block off the opening with a block off plate easily available off US ebay/ EconomyCycle. Is that about the right mixture (or should I be using more / less ?) Thanks A pro is the oil pumps are basically bullet proof and cause you not to have to carry around baby bottles of oil when you ride around. OEM Yamaha and Honda Motorcycle Parts. Injector use or 50:1 premix. Search. Yamaha RD350. Bike is a premix only 32:1 Klotz oil and has storage under the seat for three 8oz bottles. all unneeded tabs and brackets were removed. The li'l RD60 comes with some NOS gaskets, 2nd over piston & ringset, & a few odd & end parts. The Yamalube is indeed for the engine- it goes in the mix oil tank and is injected to lube the engine. As far as the pump/premix goes its the autolube for me every time, others prefer the premix. Best Pricing for Brembo, Ohlins, Wiseco, Woodcraft, Chickenhawk Racing. one owner on log book. There were many horror stories of the oil injection pump adding insufficient oil  advise to bypass the oil injection system and just premix the fuel -- it will rd350 and so on). it is either pass or fail- period. Product Code: RDFRAME-POWDER-USED yamaha rd350 lc hybrid. Currently for premix but you can drill oil line plug holes in spots per picture if wanting to be on the pump. to RD125 up though RD350 The Yamaha SR400 (1978–2018) and SR500 (1978–1999) are single-cylinder, air-cooled, two-passenger motorcycles manufactured in Japan by Yamaha Motor Company as a street version of the Yamaha XT500, with a standard riding posture and styling resembling the Universal Japanese Motorcycles of the 1970s. 837211 / 101443: Motor Oils - Amazon. ” Frame Used - Yamaha RD350 1973 thru 1975. ACCU-MIX Mixing Jug and ACCU-FLO Smart Spout. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Also, I have a bunch of good quality premix oil I haven't used (and am not likely to now). Cheers. 2-Stroke Oil, Bel Ray SL-2 Semi Synthetic Pre-mix or injection. I use Yamalube 2T in my old Yamaha's 2 stroke: oil injection pump vs pre-mix If this is your first visit to 3WHeeLeR WoRLD, please take a moment and look around. Although Yamaha intended the Daytona to commemorate its racing successes of the previous year, this bike ended up as a monument to the 2-stoke motorcycles that defined an era. com), split @ the junction and replaced lower cables with R5350 cables (luckily had an old R5 350 cable laying around and it did the job. rd350 premix

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